Downtown Properties Available

Downtown build to suit properties are currently being made ready for your next business venture. These properties range from 400 to 3500 square feet with modern technology and mechanical features.

Q3 acquisition of commercial zoned properties

Q3 acquisition of commercial zoned properties for planned warehouse development (mechanical and manufacturing). Building to begin in late 2016 for build to suit specifications.

Remodel of Century old Homes

Remodel of century old homes to their original conditions. Properties will be available for lease and purchase upon completion. Multiple turn of the century properties will be available from turn key to customer designed.

Development of Multi-Family residences

Development of Multi-Family residences- Property acquisition began in June of 2016 for the purpose of multi-family residences to be established. These facades will include Charleston, Hill Country, and New Orleans styles.

Acquisition of Corsicana Downtown Properties

Acquisition of Corsicana Downtown properties- Several key commercial downtown buildings have been acquired as loft and retail developments will be announced in the fourth quarter of 2016.

Acquisition of Colonial Construction

Acquisition of Colonial Construction- On May 15, 2016, Colonial Construction was acquired as a collaborative stock and asset purchase between John Yates and Jamie Wyatt. The leadership and desire to continue providing a superior product still remains.